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Unlike other discord bots, we can promise a reliable and easy way to maintain your server

  • We offer 99% uptime rate to ensure you can always be happy
  • Best features never seen before in history of discord bots
  • Easy way to contact support and offer suggestions, 24/7
  • Free service so big, most users never need to pay

All this service coming included with every Portal bot now, and every Portal bot in the future. Feature packed and user-friendly, count on Portal for your next bot.

Making bots for the users

People need features and bots that simply don't exist, so we decided to step up and create them ourselves.

Everyone has heard the same bot topics over and over again. Moderation, Fun, and etcetera. We decided to take a different approach and create things that have been rare before.

We offer bots that you can find everywhere else, as well as bots that can be hard to find. You can find good application bots everywhere, but not as good as YourApps. You can't find good Roblox bots, so we offer one.

Support service from people around the world

Most bot support servers lack support assistance and any customer service. We decided to take it differently.

  • Support is there in 30 minutes or less.
  • Team members from all around the world, to offer 24/7 support.
  • Solutions to near every problem you tell us.

No matter the situation, our support agents can ensure your problems will be solved quickly and efficiently, no matter the cost.

Join our discord server today to get the support you need and deserve.

Doubting it? Take a look at our statistics.

These statistics will gain us your trust.

Anything from member statistics, server statistics, and any other, they will impress you.

  • Roblox Utilities with over 3000 servers.
  • YourApps with over 1000 servers.
  • To Do List with over 1000 servers.
  • Over 20 advanced programmers across various languages.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • We offer a wide range of bots, and even offer a service that gives you a custom bot to fit your need. Some of our regular bots include Roblox Utilities, amplifier, YourApps, and To-Do List.

  • As of now, nothing! We currently do not have a premium version of any of our bots, all of our limitations are because of the code we use. In the future, we may have some premium versions of our bots, but even then, you shouldn't have to worry.

  • All of our bots are extremely easy to setup, with most bots requiring no setup at all. Run the help command or the setup command to get started.

  • To put it simply, portal offers bots that people very commonly need, but can't find a useful bot for. We offer bots designed specifically for the main purpose they are coded for, not have the feature as a random command in the bot.

  • At portal, we offer the option to request your very own specifically designed bot, to fit your needs. Cheaper than others, we can offer high quality code at an affordable price. To get started, visit the "Hire Us" tab on the top right.