YourApps Support

using yourapps installation md

How to set up

  1. Install yarn if you have not already (npm i -g yarn)
  2. cd into bot directory if you have not already
  3. Run yarn to install all dependencies
  4. Copy src/config/example-options.ts to src/config/options.ts and change all the values
    • This requires a postgres server to be set up with a database named yourapps, and then enter connection details into the config. Postgres server can be downloaded for pretty much any OS.
  5. Use yarn start to start the bot running.


If you would like to contribute, please make your changes, and then run yarn format to correct any formatting issues.

Commit messages

All commit messages should use Conventional Commits. Types:

  • fix: Something was fixed
  • feat: Something new was added
  • refactor: Internal code was changed, dependencies were updated, configuration was changed, etc
  • docs: Documentation was changed and/or updated Optional scopes:
  • Dev: Developer-specific things (e.g. fixing eval command)
  • Apps: Applications-specific things (e.g. adding a new feature to applications)
  • CI: CI-specifc things (e.g. fixing github actions)
  • i18n: Language-specific things (e.g. fixing translations)