To Do List Emergency Maintenance

To Do List Maintenance

Hey TDL users, first we would like to begin by apologizing for the inconvenience caused.

On Saturday, June 15th, one of the members in our server made us aware of a possible security concern relating to list management. The lead developer of To Do List immediately took action and locked all commands for the bot to prevent any issues.

Update: As of June 21st, the bot is back online and commands are working as normal. We will continue to monitor to ensure no issues arise but everything should be working correctly

The issue occurs when lists are set to private to certain roles. If the list is not default then these checks are ignored and normal users may view private lists.

Normally bugs like these would be resolved immediately but To-Do List’s main developer is currently on vacation and unavailable.

To prevent any issues with any of our servers, commands were immediately disabled as we worked to find a solution.

We are actively working on resolving the issue and bringing the bot back up. We currently have no ETA. You can keep track of updates in our communications server and on this page.

We again apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate the continuous support as To Do List continues to grow.

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