Zodiac Daily Horoscope Notifier Translation

Daily Notifier Translation

Horoscopes sent out through the daily notifier will now be translated to the guild's preferred language (can be set through community settings).

This feature is still in beta! We are still actively testing and monitoring for issues. If you run into any issues or have any questions, please let us know in our support server

How To Setup

If you wish to add translation, you can simply change the channel to a different channel and then change it back to the original with the /setchannel command; alternatively, you can simply enable a new Zodiac sign with the daily enable command. All servers will automatically be switched over in the future after beta testing is over. Keep in mind, any new setups will automatically support translation.

How to Set Server Language:

Setting Your Server's Language: First, your server must be a community server; you can enable that by going to Server Settings > Community. After that, simply scroll down in the Overview section and find "Server Language" and set that to the desired language. A step by step guide for each can be found here:

Enabling Community Server Setting Server Language

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